Why you should add a bedroom in your house for rent in 2016

People always need extra space. Whether it be used as a library, an office, or an extra bedroom. So that is why most homeowners think of adding some house extensions in their home.

When adding additional space in your home, it is best to think of the alternatives or options out there. Yes, adding external home extensions are great. It can boost your property value and provide extra usable space. But we must exhaust all other options to be sure of the best possible outcome.

So, by that logic, we must look unto the other alternative for home extensions: Loft conversions. Loft conversions in Wimbledon are a great way of increasing your home’s market value and are a great deal cheaper than adding external extensions. It is a much-recommended option for all those homeowners out there looking for extra space.

But what to do with the extra space right? There are tonnes of options out there ranging from building your very own sports gym to creating a mini entertainment room for you and your family to enjoy during your free time.

But with the cost of doing a loft conversion, it is best to think of ways to get back the money you spent on it. This is a very businesslike approach to things. And this is the very basic step for all those people with a mind for businesses.

So now, obviously we all need to provide for ourselves and our family. That is life’s simple fact and that is the main source of our motivation.

We struggle on and we strain our backs every day to be able to work and to receive income for the survival of our family and our own selves. But sometimes, it is just never enough. It is always a great thing to have some extra income.

How about this: In order to recover the money you will be spending on converting your loft, why not turn the loft into an extra bedroom and have it rented? Sounds great, right? Not only will you be able to turn your dusty, useless old loft into something useful and habitable, you will be able to get some money out of it.

A lot of foreign people are looking for a place to stay especially students from another country. Some can’t afford to stay in expensive hotels that’s why they prefer to stay in a more affordable and convenient place. The good thing about letting foreign students stay in your extra bedrooms is they will live with you for not a very long time so you can still have a chance to rent it to other people and let them pay you a much higher amount.

So how much can you earn from renting a spare room? It depends actually on the location of your house, if the room is fully furnished or not and the extra services you can offer them like food, internet access or laundry. Basically, you can earn from £100 to £150 per week if your home is not that elegant. But let us say you have a huge home and spacious bedroom, you can earn up to £200 per week plus the extra fees of course.

Sometimes it is not always about money for some homeowners. You get to meet new people and can even be your friend and that is a very good opportunity for some homeowners who just live alone. So there, loft conversions can be costly but in the end, it will be worth it. You just have to be wiser and make the right decisions.

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