A wall of preserved

A wall of preserved plants in the Manhattan condo. The kitchen ceiling is tiled in part to give a sense of separation from the dining, family and living rooms.

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In the entryway, the

In the entryway, the elevator opens up on a wood-louvered partition with a built-in bench designed by the home’s architect. Behind the partition is the kitchen, which the couple wanted to be the centerpiece of the home.

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Some buyers seek out

Some buyers seek out homes that are seemingly time capsules—maintained in their original style, sometimes for decades. This perfectly preserved 1960s basement in Portland, Ore., has orange shag on the walls, a board-game-patterned carpet and a wet bar.

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Built in the early 1

Built in the early 1960s, this Weaverville, Calif., home comes with many original details intact.

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The 3,767-square-foo

The 3,767-square-foot home was built in the late 19th century by John H. Harjes, an American banker and philanthropist who moved to Paris in the 1860s to set up a branch of his bank, Drexel, Harjes & Co.

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Custom-made shoe she

Custom-made shoe shelves and lighting create a secondary master closet, as in this example for a teen’s closet in Manhattan.

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Children’s closets c

Children’s closets come with features to get kids organized, including slide-out laundry hampers, extra hooks and shelves that adjust as kids grow. Knobs and other accents personalize the closets.

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Rosewood, walnut and

Rosewood, walnut and teak root set the scene at a weekend home in New York’s Hudson Valley

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The guest room has a

The guest room has a Vitra chair with throw pillows; the one in back has…

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A couple on Miami’s

A couple on Miami’s Fisher Island designed a $39,000 yoga room that matches the color of a favorite purse.

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