There was a time I was looking for tips about handling the legalities and requirements of having one of my home’s rooms up for rent. Searching Google, I only found real estate websites talking about consultation and managing your properties. If they did give out some information, it was only lacklustre and did not portray the knowledge and experience landlords like me truly need.

So I set out in 2001, having someone rent my room. I called up the HMRC, who threw me a bunch of complicated terms that served to confuse than help me understand the legalities my property needs. I tried to understand them. A friend of mine explained to me that a community of landlords in my area in Cardiff are able to help in this matter.

I decided to help them put up a website. Our eponymous URL is also our community name. I have just been nominated as the head of the community that shares information beginning landlords can understand without the technicalities and overly-detailed language of the law and other legalities.

I hope you find something useful from this repository of our landlord, renting and letting knowledge and experience!


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