Freelance online marketing involves individuals promoting specific brands over the web. Freelance marketing can is mainly executed on different digital platforms including social media and blogs. However, it is important to note that the success in doing freelance marketing rely on the marketer. Before anyone decides that it is the right time for them to go solo, he/she need to evaluate their online presence as well as the online command they attract. For instance, a blogger with a huge following may earn revenue by just endorsing a given product, either through their social media pages/handles or their celebrity websites or blogs. With an endorsement from an influential person, the product information is likely to be shared by their following, thus increasing the probability of creating a lead.

With freelance marketing, marketers need to do an objective self- assessment before offering themselves to the market. It could be a tragedy to a freelancing marketer to overestimate their influence, only to realize that they cannot promote products/services or businesses. The other important aspect that freelancing marketers need to assess before venturing into business is the fee structure for their services; if they can earn better than they currently do, then it’s okay to start a freelance online marketing business.

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Adsense is a tool provided by Google to content publishers allowing them to run automated adverts whose target is the local content and site visitors. In other words, Adsense is a content based promotion whose target is users with particular interest/context. Adsense is management is a reserve of Google. The advertisements run through this tool could be in the form of text, or image, or video (video adverts are usually interactive). With Adsense, site content publishers can earn revenue whenever a site visitor clicks on the advert or watches the video advert in the target page. These methods of revenue generation through Adsense are commonly referred to as per-click and per-impression, respectively. Google has over the years improved on the use of its technology to sort adverts and target the right groups of people, majorly based on the content they use or their geographical location. Website owners and content publishers who may want to generate revenue online marketing while using the Adsense tool enroll via the Google AdWords system.

Adsense has gained popularity among website or blog owners due to its ability to neatly create adverts (especially banners) and less intuitively place them on the website. The other primary benefit of using Adsense in conducting online marketing is that the content of the advertisement is relatively relevant to the content sought by the website visitor. As a result, Adsense has become the most preferred online marketing program alongside the website content.

Website and blog owners can increase the revenue generated through Adsense by doing the following:

l Employ the use of major traffic-generating methods, including online marketing

l Create highly valuable content that can attract more Adsense promotions to their website; more clicks attract better revenue returns.

l Include text in the website pages that promotes clicking of the Adsense.

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